ShprixieLand Studios

The name ShprixieLand comes from the combination of the nicknames of ceramicists, Heath Carra and Victoria Henriksen, aka Shpriken and Pixie. It is also the name of their unique mountain home. Likewise, the pottery made at ShprixieLand is a collaboration between the couple, and with their use of pattern, colour, and hand-drawn images they have created a distinctive style.

Their delight in living and working together has inspired them for the last 18 years to make really fun and functional pottery that is not only a joy to behold but is a pleasure to be used every day. They like their work to be a celebration of the life they live and so there’s often a lot of humour in it, affirmations of love and reflections on what it means to live a joyful life.

ShprixieLand has a couple of distinctive lines of pottery. One is white glazed wheel thrown pots that they decorate with fired-on decals made from their own drawings. More recently they have been excited to focus more on highly ornate slab-built porcelain pots in bright colours which they call Celebration Ware.

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