Completion Agreement Apprenticeship

Below you will find information and forms on commercial certificates. If your request is not covered here, please contact us at 13 19 54 or by e-mail at Providers of the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network are commissioned by the Australian Government to provide support services to apprentices and apprentices. You can offer individualized screening, testing, streaming and matching services to help you choose the education, profession or training path that is best for you. Visit their website to find a provider in your area. A commercial certificate may be issued by the Department of Training and Workforce Development to a person who has obtained an apprentice qualification if he or she meets the admission requirements. After a broad consultation of stakeholders, the Minister of Education and Training approved in January 2018 the setting of minimum working hours per week for paid work and supervised training for apprenticeship places and school placements (SBATs). Here you will find general information about training and internship places regarding the guidelines and processes in force in the VA. For more information on the training and internship system at WA, see also WA`s training and internship policy. The training contract defines the training or internship conditions agreed by both the employer and the apprentice, such as: contact the apprenticeship office at 13 19 54 or by e-mail at if your request is not answered here. If you hire an intern, we will send you a written confirmation at the end of the training.

During a teaching or internship period, it may be necessary to make changes (variations) to the training contract. The following cards and forms contain information about the available modes of change. Casual workers are not allowed to conclude a training contract for an apprenticeship or traineeship. Please read the factsheet for more information. A new guide for apprenticeships and traineeships in Western Australia has been developed to support schools, registered training organisations, employers, students, parents and other stakeholders active in the apprenticeship and traineeship system. This factsheet describes some general requirements for holders of a Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457) and a Temporary Competency Visa (Subclass 482) who wish to enter into a training or internship contract in Western Australia. The registered training organization is responsible for negotiating a successful completion date between the RTO and the parties to the training contract. Take a look at our training contract forms and fact sheets to learn more. A commercial certificate is issued by the AV Department of Training and Workforce Development when a person has successfully completed a qualification, either through an apprenticeship contract or through the recognition of previous skills performed by a registered training provider.

If the original commercial certificate is destroyed, lost or stolen, a replacement may be issued. It is possible to complete training at an early stage if you and the RTO both decide that your intern demonstrates all the necessary skills.. . .

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