Agreement Of Construction Work Contract In Hindi

The terms of the agreement between the owner and the contractor include the work to be performed, construction periods, payment plans, cost escalation, delays, penalties, building materials used, etc. The agreement should be prepared by experts and the development of standards should be maintained in order to protect the interests of both parties. The date of signature of the contract must be displayed at the top of the page. The date of occupation of the site by the contractor should be specified in the agreement. Benjamin Franklin said so famously, “Time is money.” Whichever page you are on, reduce the construction time by having a clear plan with this document. The amount of the security hold is equal to 3% of the value of the work performed and certified by the customer/customer representative. And published after 3 months of virtual completion of project 16. If there are modifications, these should be made in accordance with the mutual agreement between the owner and the contractor. In most cases, there will be no change. The changes will be minor. For example, the layout of cabinets, wiring and the inclusion of additional sockets and other aspects can be discussed by the owner so that his interests are served by the contractor….

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