California Law Joint Powers Agreement

2. There is nothing in paragraph 1 that gives the Common Authority Agency a preference for other public sector agencies for the appropriations covered in this paragraph. “Housing Board law” applies to all powers and obligations related to the provision of financial resources for the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, refinancing or development of housing in accordance with Part 2 of Division 24 (from Section 34200) of the California Health and Safety Code with respect to members or associate members who are a housing authority in the State of California. When a not-for-profit organization is designated for the parties by the agreement to manage or enforce the agreement, it invests, in the same way and under the same conditions as the local agencies covered in Section 53601. (a) Notwithstanding any other legislation, two or more public bodies authorized to invest funds in their treasuries, to exercise this common jurisdiction by mutual agreement. Funds invested under an agreement under Agreement 53601 may be invested pursuant to the Subdivision (p) of Section 53601. A common authority established in accordance with this section may issue actions of economic interest to participating public bodies. Each share represents an identical proportional interest in the pool of underlying securities held by the common authority. In order to be eligible under this section, the common authority that issues the shares of economic benefits has retained an investment advisor who meets all the following criteria: (2) Such a utility entity for joint ventures or sale, transfer, leasing, exchange, option, transportation or any other asset disposal must be exempt. In addition to other powers, any agency, commission or direction provided for by a common powers agreement covered by Article 1 (from Section 6500) of this chapter between an irrigation district and a city, where that entity is entitled to acquire, build, maintain or operate systems, facilities, buildings, buildings and other facilities and other land for household water supply. , irrigation, sanitation, industry, fire protection, recovery or other public or private purposes may issue revenue obligations in accordance with the Revenue Debt Act 1941 (from Section 54300) to cover the costs and costs of acquiring, building, improving and financing a project for either of these purposes.

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